Tutorial for Researchers Conducting Retrospective Review of Health Records

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Why is this tutorial being offered, when do I have to complete it, how long will it take and what will I get out of it?

As of January 2006, you will be required to successfully complete this tutorial before your Application for Retrospective Review will be processed or reviewed by the Hamilton Integrated Research Ethics Board.

Researchers are asked to complete this brief tutorial to ensure that they are aware of the privacy issues which arise in research involving retrospective review, and to ensure that they are aware of how to complete the Application for Retrospective Review form, so that there will be no delay in the approval process.

The tutorial will take 15 minutes to complete. It consists of:

  • Guidance for researchers
  • Several privacy scenarios
  • A quiz with five questions
  • A certificate of completion

You must first login, read the content, answer a quiz, before you receive your certification number.

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Please send questions or comments about the tutorial to the Research Ethics Officer.

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